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Shift in divorce rates based upon age

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2015 | Divorce |

Illinois couples who face the unfortunate prospect of divorce have many difficult challenges ahead. From an emotional standpoint, they must virtually reinvent their lives as individuals rather than as part of a unit. This also means giving up the ideas they had in their minds about the future they were going to have. From a financial standpoint, there can be retirement accounts, bank accounts, homes and other assets to be split in a property division settlement.

With the difficulties involved in a divorce, many couples want to better understand how to prevent divorce and make their marriages work. Results from a recent study conducted by a professor at the University of Utah indicate that age may be a factor in predicting the likelihood of divorce. In the past, couples who married after their mid-30’s had lower divorce rates than did their younger counterparts. That is no longer the case.

The people with the lowest divorce rate are those that marry between the ages of 26 and 32. From 33 years old on, the chance of divorce rises by five percent with each year. This change is also noticed consistently across multiple demographic factors. Religious preferences and practices, area of residence, educational background, job status and more do not seem to change these statistics. This shift appears to have developed over the last two decades.

Sadly, there is never a guarantee that a divorce cannot happen and there seems little way to eliminate all of the pain associated with a divorce. When a marriage appears to be nearing its end, spouses may find it helpful to talk to a lawyer.

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