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Some realities of divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Divorce |

Any Illinois resident that has gotten divorced knows how deeply the experience can feel. Especially when children are involved, the emotional issues to face seem countless. From child support to child custody arrangements and beyond, there are numerous things to address and agree upon. While it may be possible to intellectually understand the logistics of a divorce, there are some realities that surpass the intellect and the logistics.

Some people may believe that once the divorce papers are signed, everything is over. That really could not be farther from the truth. Certainly for couples who have children, they quickly learn that they are forever intertwined through their joint children. Even for couples without children, the emotional wave that is divorce is far from over just because the ink on some paperwork has dried. In fact, some experts have likened the processing of divorce to that of the typical grief process. In essence, spouses are mourning a death—the death of their marriage and dreams.

While admitting and embracing the deeply emotional aspect of divorce, it is equally important to know that not all divorces need to be adversarial. Spouses pitted against each other and engaging in battles about legal custody, physical custody, what truly is in the best interests of the child and more simply don’t have to happen. Collaborative divorce is possible with the right approach of both parties.

The reality of divorce is that it is never easy emotionally but there are ways to minimize some of the struggles. When a divorce appears imminent, talking to an attorney promptly can offer Illinois residents some insight as to how to do this.

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