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March 2015 Archives

The importance of business valuation in high-end divorces

Part of the divorce process often involves property division, which can become complex in high-asset situations. At Lois Kulinsky & Associates, Ltd., we know that valuing a business owned by one or both spouses is an important part of determining marital assets. Our goal is to help ascertain the full and fair value of a company.

How are stock options handled in a divorce?

People who live in Illinois and face the prospect of divorce must struggle with many challenges. When unable to agree on how to stay married, the process of agreeing on how to divide assets is rarely easy either. Property division determinations can be very complex in today’s society. For many couples, homes and vehicles are far from the only assets to be considered. Retirement accounts, other investments and business assets all become part of the mix. Perhaps two of the most complicated forms of assets to value and divide are restricted stocks and stock options.

Men owed child support payments at a higher rate than women

It is commonly held that men shirk their responsibility to pay their child support payments more often than women. However, data reveals that women in Illinois and across the country may actually be delinquent more often than men are.

Helping children heal after a divorce

Money, emotions and property: There are many reasons that a divorce presents a challenging situation for adults in Illinois and across the country. Many will feel anger, grief, sadness and even confusion. It is important to remember that the event can greatly affect children, too, even when they are not vocalizing it. Knowing how to look for the signs of trouble and taking action can help keep a family intact.