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October 2014 Archives

Studies: The role of breadwinner should fall to men

When imagining a child support situation, many people envision men making payments to women who have custody of the kids. For many in Illinois and around the country, that may be true. However, there is an increasing number of women who pay child support. While it may not be the traditional arrangement, it is one that more and more people are facing.

How are Illinois child support payments determined?

As outlined by Illinois Child Support Services, the number of children as well as the non-custodial parent’s net income will play a role in determining how much a custodial parent will receive in child support. To ascertain someone’s net income, the court will deduct certain qualifying items from the person’s income, such as taxes, Social Security, health insurance and certain debts.

How do I secure the delinquent child support payments owed to me?

If the parent of your child who is responsible for making child support payments is delinquent, you have several legal options. The Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984 mandates that state attorneys must help you collect your payments. Here, the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services offers child support enforcement services to families. The organization will take several steps in order to assist you with securing the payments, such as the following: