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September 2014 Archives

Take the right measures to establish paternity

At Lois Kulinsky & Associates, Ltd., we know that your priority is your child’s wellbeing. Identifying a biological father is crucial in devising a plan for child support and custody as it will give both parties legal rights to the father-child relationship. It can also give a family access to important medical information and secure financial and medical benefits for the child.

Spouses may be able to challenge prenuptial agreements

Putting a prenuptial agreement in place can be an effective way of safeguarding assets in the event of a divorce. For many couples in Illinois, such a separation can result in complex property division if there is not already a contract in place that determines how the items will be allotted. As one high-profile case illustrates, however, it is possible to dispute an agreement if one party takes issue with it.

Parents in custody battles should understand their options

At Lois Kulinsky & Associates, Ltd., we know that your child’s wellbeing ranks at the top of your priorities. When you are trying to determine a living arrangement during a divorce or other situation, it is imperative to understand that you have the flexibility to put together a plan that best serves your children’s interests and preserves your relationship with them.

How to break the news of your divorce to children

When making the decision to get divorced, an issue parents should pay special attention to is how to tell their children the news. While it is not necessarily a pleasant topic, the way the conversation is handled can play an important role in how the children receive the news as well as how they cope with the new family dynamic.

Court weighs if billionaire’s fortune was hard work or luck

Divorce can be problematic for people at any income bracket. There are couples in Illinois who have to determine how to divide money and property, which can be sensitive topics. A high-end divorce, however, can become even more complex when there are businesses, offshore accounts or other items with large price tags. As recent proceedings for one oil tycoon demonstrates, valuing property can become a technical process.