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June 2014 Archives

Fathers increasingly face issues collecting child support

When one parent assumes custody of a child, the other parent is typically required to make some level of support payments. In many instances across Illinois, men are often the ones responsible for paying child support. However, there are a number of cases in which the father is responsible for the children and women must make payments. One family illustrates how men also fight a battle to secure the compensation they deserve.

Some couples now incorporate social media into prenups

Social media has enabled people across the country and around the world to connect with each other. Someone living in Illinois can send pictures, update friends and more with just a few clicks on a smartphone. As online networking has grown in popularity, it has created interesting discussions regarding employment, privacy and even divorce. Couples involved in a separation or divorce may want to be cautious with what they put online, as the results could be costly.

Opponents say proposed Illinois child custody law is too rigid

Traditionally, parents going through a divorce may have noticed that courts tend to favor the mother. In many instances in Illinois, a child custody arrangement would entail the mother getting the kids on a full-time basis with fathers only getting visitation rights or weekends. However, there is an increasingly loud push to change that and move toward a shared parenting model, though some feel proposed legislation in the state is not ideal.

Evolving gender roles affect outcomes of Illinois divorce cases

When it comes to family matters, many people have preconceived notions about how a spouse’s gender will affect the outcome. While traditionally, certain aspects of child support or spousal support may have favored a female, cases in Illinois are increasingly demonstrating that there is a new normal in family law rulings. As gender roles evolve, it creates new trends.