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May 2014 Archives

Researchers find link between divorce and social relationships

Growing up, your parents may have advised you about choosing your friends with caution. Many Illinois residents tend to pick of the habits of the people with whom they associate. This kind of behavior may extend into adulthood and even into issues such as a complex divorce. According to a new report, divorce in a circle of friends could even be considered contagious.

Taxpayers' alimony discrepancies are costly for the U.S. Treasury

There are several issues at stake when a couple chooses to end their marriage. An Illinois attorney can help parents determine custody of children as well as child support payments. In many circumstances, a spouse will seek alimony. The income can help an individual get on his or her feet after a divorce or ensure that the ex-spouse can enjoy the lifestyle he or she grew accustomed to. However, there are certain regulations that govern how alimony is reported come tax season, and thousands of individuals aren’t following the code.

Sterling's estranged wife wants to keep her stake in the Clippers

A divorce nearly always opens the door for two people to have to divide marital assets. For some people, the process is simple. In other situations, like a high-end divorce, an Illinois couple may have difficulty determining who is entitled to what. For a couple that owns properties, businesses and stock, the process can be complicated. One high-profile case illustrates that in addition to the individuals having to work out an agreement, there may be other players involved that will affect the outcome.

Chicago father arrested for child custody battle strategy

When it comes to family matters, emotions can often run high. Illinois parents engaged in a battle over issues such as child custody may exchange heated words or become outraged regarding their allotted time with children. It is important for individuals to keep the best interests of the child in mind and try to resolve things as amicably as possible. Taking drastic measures can result in serious consequences, as one local father recently discovered.