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April 2014 Archives

Gay and lesbian parents face uphill battles in child custody

When divorcing parents are trying to determine what living arrangement is in their child’s best interest, it is important to take a number of factors into account, such as the community and school district. For some people in Illinois, sexual preferences may factor into that decision. When fighting for child custody, many gay and lesbian parents are running into roadblocks because of how some courts view their sexuality.

Researcher: A prenup can side-step student loan debt division

When most people get married, they are not thinking about what may happen if they get divorced. For some Lake County residents, however, marriage does end. For those who are separating, property division can become an issue. On top of the house, savings account and appliances, there are also other things to consider, such as debt. It is good to have an understanding of who will be responsible for debt once the divorce papers are signed.

Public attacks on ex-husband cost divorcee in asset division

When two people choose to end their marriage, there are a number of decisions that must be made. In a high-end divorce, there may be millions of dollars in assets at stake. In many cases in Illinois, a couple is unable to reach an agreement regarding how to fairly split the wealth, and a judge has to hand down a ruling dictating who gets what. As a recent case illustrates, more factors play into that decision than just the amount of money at stake.

Chicago man owes more than $550,000 in past-due child support

There are many parents who work hard to come up with agreements regarding how to financially support their children. Unfortunately for many Illinois parents, a number of individuals try to evade child support payments. This can be extremely problematic for a parent trying to raise a child or children on just one income. Individuals who are pursuing missed payments do have recourse, and one recent arrest in Chicago illustrates just how costly that delinquency can be.

Illinois bill would greatly increase noncustodial parents' hours

Couples who choose to end their marriage often face a number of issues. Chief among those tends to be child custody. Parents must decide, sometimes with the help of a judge or attorneys, with whom the child will live and how time will be split. A new bill in Illinois would set new standards and increase visitation rights for noncustodial parents.