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February 2014 Archives

Woman sues billionaire ex for hiding financials in divorce

For those who go through a divorce in Lake County, Illinois, the idea of not getting a fair settlement can be a real fear. Sometimes divorces can get downright nasty, and one spouse may attempt to hide financial information from another as a way to keep it all to him or herself.

Celebrity couple file for legal separation

Before a married couple files for divorce in Lake County, Illinois, they may want to consider filing for a legal separation instead. A legal separation includes many of the same details as a divorce, but the couple can remain legally married. This may be a good option for those who need a break from each other and time to think about if they want to try to salvage the relationship, but are not ready to cut all ties. Like a divorce, a legal separation sets forth rules regarding child support and custody, alimony and property division.

Captain and Tennille file for divorce after 38 years of marriage

When faced with divorce, many couples in Lake County, Ilinois worry that they will not get their fair share of the assets and property accumulated during the marriage. Some might worry about losing the things they owned before the marriage. In Illinois, property is divided up equitably, not necessarily equally. What this means is that the property will not just be divided in half, but instead a variety of factors will be considered to determine how it will be divided.