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Kutcher and Moore finally settle property division dispute

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2013 | Property Division |

For couples in Lake County, and throughout the U.S., the asset and property division process can often be one of the most contentious aspects of settling a divorce. Going into negotiations for dividing marital property, it is not uncommon for one or both spouses to have an idea of what they want or feel they are entitled to. A difference of opinion on these issues, in addition to the emotions that are often at play at the end of a marriage, it can be difficult to convince parties to cooperate with each other and concede things when necessary.

It was recently reported that after almost a year of working to reach a settlement, actor, Ashton Kutcher and his estranged wife, actress, Demi Moore, reached an agreement. According to reports, as is often the case with high asset divorces, much of the hold up came down to negotiations for the distribution of the couple’s property and assets. Moore purportedly felt she was entitled to a large portion of the business assets Kutcher brought in during the course of their six-year marriage, including several tech startups companies, because she introduced him to the people that made those investments possible.

It was not reported how specifically the couple’s estimated $300 million net worth will be divided. Although, according to reports, Moore will not be entitled to any of the Kutcher’s “Two and a Half Men” earnings, they will reportedly split the assets that they acquired throughout their marriage.

Both Kutcher and Moore likely had lawyers representing their interests throughout their settlement negotiations. Anyone who is divorcing from his or her spouse may also find it of benefit to obtain legal representation.

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