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July 2013 Archives

Consider a prenup as the "will" of family law

Ask anyone you know who has been through a divorce and you will no doubt get agreement from all that a divorce can be a very complex and emotionally draining experience. It can also be very financially challenging with one or both spouses losing some financial stability or assets. Dividing marital property is rarely easy but can be made simpler if a prenuptial agreement is in place.

Mother granted custody in jeopardy of jail sentence

No child custody case is ever easy. Even with the most agreeable of parents, such situations are wrought with emotion and involve difficult decisions and concessions. The ideal circumstances have two parents focused on the best interest of the child, being willing to work together. Unfortunately, that is not always the reality and many complexities arise.

Travel miles another marital asset to consider in a divorce

Property division in a divorce is rarely a simple matter. Both parties are focused on an equitable division but may have different ideas as to what that actually means. There can be personal as well as business assets involved and some are easily quantifiable while others may not be. Simply put, dividing marital property is a complex matter.

How to work together as parents after divorce

Chicago-area parents who have gotten divorced know that they will always have a connection with their ex-spouse: the kids. And if the children are young, divorced parents will have to adhere to a custody arrangement until their children are adults. As some know and others can easily imagine, having to talk to your ex regularly after you have been divorced can be stressful. It is important to remember, though, that successful co-parenting can make the divorce process much easier on your children.