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Master P and wife to divorce after 24 years of marriage

In Lake County, as well as in other localities throughout the U.S., even the longest running couples may eventually decide that they no longer work together as a couple. While a couple can choose to simply separate and begin living apart, it is not made legal until the necessary documents are filed and approved by a family law court.

Hip-Hop star, Big Boi and wife headed for divorce after 12 years

Married couples in Lake County, and all over the U.S., may for one reason or another reach a point where they feel they can no longer stay together and decide to divorce. When this happens, whether it is a high asset divorce, one involving extensive debt or something in between, there are numerous details that must be worked out before the divorce can be finalized.

"Real Housewife" finalizes divorce from husband, co-star

For couples in Lake County and elsewhere, there is much more to getting a divorce than just the filing. Details, such as division of marital property and assets and determining if spousal support is necessary, must be agreed on by both parties and then approved by a judge. While this process can be arduous for any couple, for a high-profile couple, it can be even more long and drawn out.