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Establishing paternity is a key part of father’s rights

No matter if two parents have been married or not, the father of a child has rights that should be protected. At Lois Kulinsky & Associates, Ltd., we understand the struggles a man may face as he is trying to establish child custody or visitation. There are legal measures a father can take to maintain his interests as well as the best interests of the child.

Chicago father arrested for child custody battle strategy

When it comes to family matters, emotions can often run high. Illinois parents engaged in a battle over issues such as child custody may exchange heated words or become outraged regarding their allotted time with children. It is important for individuals to keep the best interests of the child in mind and try to resolve things as amicably as possible. Taking drastic measures can result in serious consequences, as one local father recently discovered.

Little headway for father in international child custody dispute

Readers in Lake County have likely either themselves been involved in a child custody dispute or know someone who has. As is the case with most things involving parents and their kids, emotions tend to run high in these types of disputes. In order to avoid losing their child custody case or to keep them from the other parent, some parents choose to take their children and run. In most cases, parents have legal recourse if the parent who took the child stays within the U.S., but when they leave the country parents often have no support or legal means for getting their child back.

Proposed law would help women terminate rapists' parental rights

The agreements to be made surrounding legal custody, visitation rights and other related topics can be complex and vary from case to case. No two set of circumstances are identical and, therefore, what is deemed to be in the best interests of the child in one situation may not be so in another, even if some facts are similar. Laws regarding child custody work to help identify the best environment for all children but they do not prevent disputes between parents.

Child support dispute brought to Chicago street

Child support agreements are commonly complex and include differing ideas on the part of both parents. Illinois child support guidelines are in place to help courts navigate the emotional components and work to find agreements that are in the best interests of the child or children. Child support is intended to cover all every day expenses involved with raising a child. This includes medical needs, extracurricular expenses, food, home, clothing and other such items. Even after court agreements, however, some parents still wish for more.