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Posts tagged "asset division"

Finances and divorce: It's not just about the money, honey

When you think about marital strife, a variety of issues may come to mind:  romance (or lack thereof), sex and infidelity, in-laws, how to raise the children. Surprisingly - or perhaps not - the number one issue that most couples fight about - and the one that most often is a good indication of an eventual divorce - is finances.

Divorce for Baby Boomers: Two big retirement questions

Divorce for couples over the age of 50 may not have contentious child custody issues, but legal issues still abound. One of the most important legal issues that these couples must navigate involves the splitting of retirement assets.

High-asset divorce concerns and considerations

Every divorce case is different and can present a number of unique challenges, but cases involving large amounts of separate and marital property can be especially difficult to resolve. Illinois couples considering the prospect of divorce are often overwhelmed by the many emotional, financial and practical changes to their lives. As a result, some people end up making impulsive and/or uninformed decisions during the divorce process that can have real and lasting consequences on their overall well-being and financial security.

The beginning of the year is a popular time for divorce

A marriage can end anytime, but according to a recent report, January seems to be the most popular. People in Illinois and across the country have a lot to consider when weighing complex divorce issues. Children, finances and, of course, emotions all play a key role in the process. When weighing those factors, it appears that people end up choosing the beginning of the year to end a marriage. 

Researchers find link between divorce and social relationships

Growing up, your parents may have advised you about choosing your friends with caution. Many Illinois residents tend to pick of the habits of the people with whom they associate. This kind of behavior may extend into adulthood and even into issues such as a complex divorce. According to a new report, divorce in a circle of friends could even be considered contagious.

Master P and wife to divorce after 24 years of marriage

In Lake County, as well as in other localities throughout the U.S., even the longest running couples may eventually decide that they no longer work together as a couple. While a couple can choose to simply separate and begin living apart, it is not made legal until the necessary documents are filed and approved by a family law court.