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Establishing Legal Paternity In Illinois

Unmarried parents face many of the same challenges that married parents do, and a breakup can bring up some of the same issues as divorce. Many parents wish to establish parenting and support orders before a breakup occurs, of course, while others will not have had the opportunity to do so. In either case, the legal basis for an unmarried father’s parental rights and responsibilities is legal paternity.

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Paternity And DNA Tests

The most common method of establishing an unmarried man’s paternity is to have him acknowledge that the child is his and sign the appropriate paperwork. In some cases, the father may request a DNA test first. In others, a DNA test may be required by the court in order to put everything into motion.

Establishing paternity establishes the father’s right to be a part of the child’s life, as well as the right of the mother to collect child support. These rights go hand in hand, and one cannot be separated from the other.

Establishing Paternity Is The First Step To Parental Rights And Responsibilities

After paternity is established, there will be more work that needs to be done. Parental responsibilities and parenting time (formerly known as child custody and visitation) will need to be allocated, child support will need to be calculated, and other issues may arise over time.

We cover all aspects of paternity cases, such as:

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