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November 2017 Archives

Property division and the business owner

Each Illinois resident has dreams for the future. Some dream of a loving family with a spouse and children; others dream of starting their own business or growing one that has been in the family for generations. Still others dream of both. These dreams often do become reality; however, they can also become a nightmare in case of divorce and the need for a property division settlement.

Child support is the responsibility of both parents

Years ago, the norm was that children were raised in a home with both parents present. However, in today's society, it is common place for children to be raised in a home with only one parent. This scenario is often the product of divorce or unmarried parents having a child. Regardless, children do need the support of both parents; therefore, child support is usually issued by the Illinois court.

Are you hoping to keep your home after divorce?

For you and many other Illinois residents, your home may represent many important aspects of your life. You may have purchased your home and felt a great deal of independence, or you may have watched your children grow up in the home and felt the love that also grew there. Now that you are going through divorce, however, you may have more mixed feelings about your family home.

Proposed tax change may affect alimony

Financial concerns are an important consideration when an Illinois couple decides to divorce. Now, rather than supporting one household, the same income is supporting two households. Financial considerations such as child support and alimony are often an important part of the divorce agreement.

Alimony is a possibility in some Illinois divorces

Divorces occur every day throughout Illinois. In some cases, assets and liabilities are divided and the individuals part ways. However, in other cases, things are not so simple and one spouse has become dependent upon the other in order to maintain their standard of living. While this may be the case, it does not mean that the individual must remain in an unhappy marriage. In this case, alimony may be appropriate.

Property division in an Illinois divorce

Who gets what is a common point of contention when an Illinois couple decides to divorce. Often, the couple is unable to agree upon the property division aspects of the divorce agreement. Each individual may want the same item or may believe that he or she is entitled to receive a specific portion of the marital property.

Concerning child custody decisions may weigh heavily on parents

There are many instances in which the biological parents of a child could face complications when it comes to custody. Some cases may be more unusual than others, but because children are involved, most child custody cases have a tendency to be sensitive situations. When the court must rule on custody arrangements, some outcomes may give cause for concern.