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April 2015 Archives

Joint custody may relieve stress in children

Accounting for the needs and best interests of children during divorce proceedings can be an involved process. Often times, parents have conflicting ideas about what type of child custody arrangement is right for their family. Establishing primary custody is the most appropriate option in some cases, but an increasing number of Illinois families are finding that joint custody suits their needs the best.

Could my alimony change in the future?

Depending on the specific circumstances of your divorce case, an Illinois family law judge may have awarded spousal support for you or your ex spouse. Alimony arrangements are generally made in order to account for the financial needs of both divorcing parties. That does not necessarily mean, though, that they are permanent or unchangeable.

The difference between collaborative law and mediation

Avoiding divorce court may be a wise decision for couples looking to save time and money. Many people in Illinois seek alternatives, such as collaborative law and mediation. There are distinct similarities between mediation and collaboration, such as the following: 

What is a collaborative divorce in Illinois?

Many people practice alternative dispute resolution when trying to solve a family matter. If you are hoping to avoid litigation in Illinois, you may opt for a collaborative divorce. According to the Illinois State Bar Association, collaborative law is a new method and has become popular among couples wishing to work together in a respectful and honest manner.