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Chicago man owes more than $550,000 in past-due child support

There are many parents who work hard to come up with agreements regarding how to financially support their children. Unfortunately for many Illinois parents, a number of individuals try to evade child support payments. This can be extremely problematic for a parent trying to raise a child or children on just one income. Individuals who are pursuing missed payments do have recourse, and one recent arrest in Chicago illustrates just how costly that delinquency can be.

A warrant was issued for a 52-year-old Chicago man back in 2008 because of his failure to pay child support. According to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, the man owes payments for three children. Those payments totaled more than $550,000 in past due support.

The man avoided custody for years until the Sheriff’s Office Central Warrant Unit got a tip regarding his whereabouts. Law enforcement arrested the man after learning he was staying in the 4300 block of North Clarendon Avenue. The man posted a cash bond of more than $23,000 and had to report back to court in early April.

More than half a million dollars is a substantial amount of money. Child support enforcement is important, as those payments enable parents who have custody of their children to provide food, clothing, education and many more costs associated with raising the next generation. As this situation illustrates, individuals may be able to avoid making payments, but the law can catch up with them. Anyone who has been shorted on child support should contact an attorney who can help recoup that much-needed money.

Source: NBC Chicago, “Man Who Owes $550,000 in Child Support Arrested,” March 27, 2014 

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