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Child Support Archives

What is the history of child support?

Many people in Illinois deal with the child support system. You may receive or pay child support due to a divorce or other situation where both parents are not in the home. There are many different situations today where child support is ordered, but today’s situations are much different than how things were when the system was put into place in the mid-1970s.

Child support does not cover all costs of raising a child

During your divorce in Illinois, one of your top concerns is likely to be your children. Because you are going from one home to two, it can be difficult to spilt the income fairly to ensure the children are well-cared for. At Lois Kulinsky & Associates, LTD, we understand that challenges presented in this situation. That is why the courts order child support.

Child support modification process

Illinois child support orders are not set in stone. According to the Department of Health and Family Services, substantial changes in circumstances can because for a child support modification request. In addition, every case can be modified every three years. Support may be increased, reduced or, in some cases, ended. First, a case must be reviewed, which involves checking into financial information and other related facts, such as employment.

Back child support and the Passport Denial Program

Those who are unable to pay child support may face various consequences, some of which can completely upend life. In Wheeling, and cities throughout Illinois, back child support can result in steep financial penalties and arrest. Moreover, unpaid child support could leave a non-custodial parent unable to use his or her passport if they wish to leave the country. For those who are passionate about travel or need to head overseas for business, this is often devastating.

How is child support supposed to be used?

If you are getting child support in Illinois, you may wonder what exactly the support is to be used for. It is probably likely that you do not get enough support to cover every expense your child has, but this is not how child support is intended to be used anyway. According to the State of Illinois Circuit Court of Cook County, child support is to help with essential expenses. These are things like housing, food and basic clothing. Extra expenses that are not considered essential are not supposed to be covered by child support.

What should I do if I cannot pay my child support?

Child support is a court-ordered obligation. The idea is that you are helping to pay for your children’s needs. Support orders in Illinois are made with a careful examination of your financial situation and that of your child’s other parent, along with the needs of your children. Sometimes, though, situations change, and you may find yourself at a point where you simply cannot afford to pay your child support.

What happens if the parent paying child support is incarcerated?

Child support is a court-ordered responsibility. It is designed to provide for the care of your children. If your child’s other parent is ordered to pay by an Illinois court and then ends up being incarcerated, this responsibility does not change. Parents are expected to pay regardless of their personal situation if there is a child support order. Therefore, if your child’s other parent is detained, this will not affect your ability to get an order for support.  

Child support services in Illinois

After a divorce in Illinois, there may be issues that arise involving the paying or receiving of the court ordered child support. Federally mandated child support services are offered by the Division of Child Support Services to assist those who encounter certain problems. This agency is a part of the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services.

Driver’s license suspension for nonpayment of child support

There are many consequences that people in Lake County face if they fall behind on their child support responsibilities, or they simply choose not to pay them. One of these is the loss of driving privileges. The Illinois General Assembly states that suspension of a driver’s license for the nonpayment of child support can occur once the Secretary of State receives notification.

Apps that help you co-parent

If you are like many other divorced parents in Illinois, you may sometimes struggle with how to communicate with your former spouse. When these struggles involve finances, schedules and more related to your kids, the stress involved can become overwhelming. Additionally, when these conversations move into the realm of being arguments, the conflict that is bred is bad for parents and kids alike. How can you help to avoid these situations?